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Dedicated to presenting Symptoms, Diagnosis, The Treatment Process, Research Options and Personalized Genetic Testing for all types of Cancer including Arthritis and Heart Disease 



This Site will be shutting down on May 17, 2015. So please tell all your friends and family to find any useful information before that time. I will continue to post useful information and research data on my Facebook site "Live Forever with Cancer".

This Site presents what you have to do, to do well in the Cancer Treatment Process used, and documented, by a 6 time (15yr) Stage 4 Lung Cancer Survivor.

It's an Easy to Understand approach to the Cancer Treatment Process. With Answers and Solutions to help understand Cancer Symptoms, Cancer Diagnosis, the Cancer Treatment Process, Cancer Research Options and Personalized Genetic Testing for all types of Cancer(s). While it focuses mainly on Lung and Breast Cancer it also covers all cancers including Prostate, Skin, Pancreatic, Colon, Leukemia and Lymphoma.

 Note: As of June 1, 2014, Medicare announced that they will only cover 4 PET Scans for a Cancer patients Lifetime. Please double check this information with your doctor and the CMS and use them wisely. Very Wisely.

 My mother was 96 when she died, after having had cancer three times, including a Radical Mastectomy (Breast Cancer). I have 14 Aunts and Uncles, all have/had cancer of different types. Almost all my aunts, one of my sister's, and some cousins, all have or  had breast cancer. But they live long healthy lives by making solid informed decisions as presented here. At last count 28 out of 32 direct blood relatives have/had Cancer.

    The Tools, Key Decisions, Proven Processes, we all used are documented here through a simplified understanding of exactly what doctors do at a very high level and the latest treatments, so any patient can spend a few hours and be up to speed. You can't find this information anywhere else because it comes from personal experience and working with thousands of patients and having gone through it several times.

    Hi, my name is John, I am going on 71yrs old and was diagnosed with Stage 3 Adenocarcenoma Lung Cancer one month before 9/11. And an X-Ray missed it in 1999.


  The picture of me on the Left was taken on June 17, 2011 while I was getting Chemo.

 The next picture on the left  was just taken of me in the CT Scanner on June 20, 2012. I was just diagnosed June 26, 2012 as "All Clear below my Maintenance Baseline" 10 months after my last Chemo.

  The next picture on the left  was just taken of me in the CT/Narrow Beam Radiation Linear Accelerator Scanner on September 30, 2013. After stopping my last Chemo, 3 tumors started growing up to 17mm and broke the Maintenance ceiling and needed attention. The narrow beam Radiation machine is brand new at my clinic in Mesa Arizona. So my Oncologist suggested this as a good option to avoid more Chemo right now.

The next picture was just taken at my grandsons soccer game Mid March 2014. I feel Great and on mid Treatment Maintenance Break enjoying every day.

I am currently (as of Dec 26th, 2014) in Chemo and have completed 2 of 6 planned Alimta/Cisplatin Treatments to drive two lung tumors down to acceptable levels of Maintenance.

    The first thing patients ask me when they find out i am a Lung Cancer Survivor is "Why are you doing so good?  We want to do what you did. So exactly what did I do and why am I doing so good 14 years later?". And what did my family do to live so long with this long history of Cancer.


    What I have found is that once a patient understands (in greatly simplified terms any fifth grader can understand) what doctors do to treat cancer, the Tools and Scans used,etc., they feel Empowered and Informed. Once a patient understands that, they can drive their own Treatment, that's the Secret. I have seen and heard of patient after patient going to poorly rated doctors and not understanding the treatment process and not do well.


  The reason I designed this web site is that I have found that after going through it all myself and working out all the problems, using this process, they all feel empowered and able to sort through the doctors and understand how to make solid informed decisions to allow them to drive their own treatment. I also wanted to provide every Cancer patient, the exact same process I have used. While the success rate for Lung Cancer is  only 5 to15 %, I have seen this process produce 50 to 100% survival rate in some patients. My first Pulmonologist told me he had over a 50% survival rate long term among all his patients. My Research Oncologist has over an 80% survival rate longer term. The best doctors have very high success rates, they just don't advertise that. The trick is to find them, understand at a very high level what tools doctors use to treat it, and then use those tools and the scans to drive your own treatment, and know why its working or not.


    I've been through it all since I was first diagnosed in August 2001. Forty CT and PET Scans, Major Lung Surgery twice, Chemotherapy over thirty-five times, Radiation 28 times, Intravenous Vitamin C Drips, and Naturopathic Treatments, Diet Changes, etc. So moving on "Living with Cancer".

    This is not just a Lung Cancer web site, the information and processes presented here apply to all types of cancers.

    Patients always say " The doctors are not telling me anything, I can't get them to listen to me." Once you understand how doctors treat cancer you will be so amazed at how simple it is to understand. You will then be empowered with enough information to drive your own treatment. 

The process outlined in this website is the direct result of all my research presented in a very condensed proven way that I have found works. It is simple, factual, tried and proven time and time again and "Could Save or Greatly Extend Your Life".


    I have documented in this Website the step by step treatment process I went through in terms any child can understand. The Secret to My Success is not Rocket Science, but it does require someone (i.e. the Patient, Family Member, Caregiver of Friend) to read and understand the simple principals in the first handful of pages of this website.

Other web sites won't help at first unless you understand the following:

       - What types of Doctors you need and why
       - The big picture of how Doctors and the Medical Community are Organized
       - Find a foolproof way to find the very best five star doctors ASAP with > 90% certainty
       - How doctors use Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation to fight Cancer
       - How to interpret your results in a very simplified way

       - Get Up to speed on understanding the big Picture 
       - Find creative ways to get into those 5 Star Doctors Quickly
       - Make sure the right set of tests are run on you and why specifically they were chosen
       - Then you are completely informed so you can do what I call "Drive Your Own Train"

    For three times I was afraid I was going to die, just like you, or a loved one might be right now.  But now, after facing a bit of touch up (maintenance) a sixth time, it's old hat. What I'm asking you to do, is move on from the fear, anger, and depression directly to acceptance and forgiveness. There is no time to waste.  You needed these answers yesterday. You may have started into the treatment process and that's OK.  But it's not OK not to know that the treatment process you are in, doesn't take advantage of the three ways cancer is treated namely Surgery, Chemo and Radiation, or that you don't have a five star doctor that reads allot and is up on the latest research, Drugs, Surgical Techniques, etc.

    You can't afford one moment that is not dedicated to positive research of your diagnosis and dedication to getting the best treatment you can afford. Even if you are in financial problems, i will show you ways i have found to navigate through the system and ways to get treatments and drugs at little or no cost.

    You need to do all this work in a matter of a weeks. No matter what your Stage (I to IV), this process is critical.

    This website will present the latest cutting edge technologies used to treat cancer. It will give examples of representative cancer Staging and discuss in simple terms (that anyone can understand) how doctors go about treating cancer and the latest technologies that any cancer patient should know to make informed decisions about their treatment and how to know that you are getting treatments that makes sense.

    Remember You Drive Your Own Train, the doctors only give you suggested treatment options. You have to choose which ones are best for you. That may mean getting second and even third opinions.

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Also please pass along this website's location to anyone involved with Cancer.

I am just on Maintenance now. My Maintenance is defined as no tumor larger than 7mm = .28 inches. I have a handful of tumors in my lungs, each no larger than the size of a small Pea. Any tumor after a period of two years that becomes active is forced back under the Maintenance baseline using one of the three ways Cancer is treated by Surgery, Chemo or Radiation.


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So lets get started.



    The information contained in this web site is presented soely for educational and informational purposes and is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for Professional Medical Advice of your Physician or other Qualified Health Provider and should not be taken or considered as life saving, medical diagnosis or in any way medical direction. In no way should it be used as a substitute for the advice and care of a licensed medical professional(s).

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